Sunday, April 19, 2015

Easy & Inexpensive DIY Tumblr T-shirts WITHOUT Transfer Paper

Helloooo everyone!

Since next week we have holiday in Seville due to the Feria de Abril I saved a little bit of time to finally edit this video.

It was filmed more than 10 days ago but I couldn't find the time to make all the editing :( But weeell, here it is. It's about Tumblr t-shirts. You have three designs, super easy to do. The most expensive thing you need to make one of those is fabric paint, which isn't too expensive at all. 

I've been watching this video in lots of YT channel and I wanted to give it a try. However, most of them used transfer paper, and I wanted to do something differente. I feel really attracted to the idea of 'designing' my own clothes. Cute printed t-shirts can get really overpriced and this way you have an unique and personal piece of clothing.

Anyway, here you have the video:

Oh! I'm also planning to do my first massive haul ever. I've been collecting clothes since march or so, just to prepare myself for the summer. I really needed some new pieces of clothing so... I'll show you soon! I'm waiting for a couple of packaged to come and then I'll be able to film it. Here's a pic of my new Nike Air Force 1, just to show you how pretty they are:
And my cute little dog, who features with me in lots of my videos, was given a good haircut the other day now that the hot weather is coming. I just wanted to share with you how adorable he looks:

And I think I have nothing else to say! Don't worry, I'll come back really soon because hopefully I'll have more time during this week :)