Wednesday, September 23, 2015

DIY Block Letters Out Of Cereal Boxes - Fall Edition!!

Heeello! Yees, two entries in the same day! It was completely unintentional, I wrote the other one yesterday but forgot to publish it. I'm always so stress that I end up acting goofy. I'm sorry :(

Anyway, yesterday I uploaded a new video! It's a Fall-themed one, to welcome the new season :)

Yaaas, it's the fall version of my DIY block letters out of cereal boxes. Hope you like it!! Without further due, here you have all the stencils and printables you'll need to recreate this Fall quote:





Needless to say, the images I used to cover some of the pieces are not mine! I took them from Google and I share them with you in a collage form so you can make the most of them if you liked them, but I claim no credit for them (obviously, duuuh!).

Thank you so much for everythiiiing. Kisses, byyyye!!