Tuesday, April 7, 2015

DIY Spring Room Decor + DIY Leather Backpack + DIY Scalloped Shorts

Heeeeello, beautiful people!

Long time, no see, I know, I know... :(

I have no material time to do nothing with my life apart from studying and doing a little tiny bit of socializing and filming. I promise this will change completely once June comes. I have big Summer plans for my channel and my blog!

I'm not going to do my usual video explanation. I'm just going to insert them here, so you can check them out. The thumbnail and the title are pretty self-explainatory any way...

I gotta make the most of this entry by letting y'all know that I reached 1k subbies, In fact we are more than 1200 subbies at the moment... I'm still in shock! Thank you so much to whoever have ever subscribed to my YT channel.

Also, I wanted to let you know that I have lots of video ideas going around my head. I hope I can film all the videos I have planned! I'm going to do a huge collective Spring / Summer haul filled with lots of cuteness and I'm going to do another hairstyles video with DIY hair accessories. I'm also planning another collab with my friend Pweety Daily (Barati Kesamang) on Youtube. Aaand the most exciting one of them all! I'm going to film a video on the dress of the Feria de abril, a typical celebration from where I live. Get excited for all that, because you sure are going to love it!

Well, I gotta get going! I hope I'll see you soon.