Thursday, October 23, 2014

Halloween Party Decor & Snacks and DIY Baby/Toddler Costume!


It's been a while since the last time I wrote something here, but my schedule is getting crazy due to college, so... I'm really looking forward to get rid of November and embrace Christmas with all the love my heart can give. But well, for now we have to enjoy Halloween, that is just around the corner! And that's the reason what I am writing this. Since the last time I was here, I have uploaded two more Halloween-themed videos to my channel!

One of them is about Halloween party/room decor aaand healthy snacks ideas. I really enjoyed filming this, two of my favorite things together... decorating and cooking (ok, kind of, because the snacks are so simple that it can really be considered cooking). Anyway! Here you have the link in case you want to check it out:

The second video is the last DIY costume of Halloween 2014! I didn't planned on making other costume, but a subscriber give me the idea and I thought that it could be cool! Sooo, if you're not sure yet about who or what are you going to be this year on October 31th, you can be a cute little baby/toddler! Click on the video if you want to learn the how to:

And before saying goodbye, let me tell you how grateful and happy I feel for my first thousand of views in a video!!
Thank you sooo, sooo much to whoever that clicked on the video!! And loads of love for y'all.
 Marina, xX

Monday, October 13, 2014

Easy DIY Last Minute Halloween Costumes: Hipster Cinderella & Rapunzel

Hi y'all, beautiful people!!

I am reaaally really happy to write this entry. Yesterday I couldn't upload a video to my channel, as I usually do on Sunday, but it was for the greater good. I was fighting with my editing software because I was attempting to change the background of the video with the green screen technique. The results are obviously not even closer to professional ones, but taking into account that I don't have professional lighting, nor a real green screen background (I used a green blanket from my boyfriend and tape to glue it to the wall), I'm really satisfied with how everything turned out. I got to point out that I don't even have a decent camera! I film wih a digital one, a Nikon Coolpix SD2800. I can't complain, tho. It's really good quality for a digital camera... But anyway! I think it was a funny experience and something that I'm definitely going to do again (yeah, poor bf of mine, I'm sorry for that). Anyway, here you have some behind the scenes pictures, so you can see how precarious was everything.

As I mentioned before, shout outs to my bf! He helped me to prepare everything and he was the intro director, as he always is :). I'm afraid he just has to get use to it... Aaaand about the video! It is another Halloween costume. It's really easy, affordable and cute, at least I think so. You can be any hipster Disney princess using a tiny little bit of imagination and a few clothes from your closet! Here you have the link to the tutorial:

Sunday, October 5, 2014

DIY Barbie Halloween Costume (with Shelly!)

Hi!! So today I'm sharing my very first Halloween themed-video. It's a DIY Barbie costume! As a child, I loooooved dolls, especially Barbie dolls. I still love them in fact. I loved costumes as well, but I never have the chance to put on a costume very often. So I make the most of this opportunity to create a Barbie look :) And of course, you gotta bring your little, cutie sister Shelly with you <3

I had so much fun filming this. It was very challenging, because it was my first makeup tutorial as well. I don't proclaim myself as a makeup artist, nor anything similar. In fact, makeup is a really tough and tricky issue for me. But I tried... And I think it didn't turn out bad at all! Btw, I'm planning to do more Halloween videos. At least one more costume and something related to decoration and healthy snacks! So make sure you're subscribed to my YT channel, 'cause you don't want to miss them! :) For now, here you have the first episode of the 2014 Halloween series: