Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Extremely Easy DIY Wall Decor Ideas to Revamp Your Room


The title of the post is pretty self-explainatory so... yeah! Since I'm giving a complete revamp to my room, I decided that I needed some new wall decor. Soooo, since I were going to do it anyway... I better do a video about it, yeah? So here you have two super simple, inexpensive and easy-to-do DIY wall arts! These ones go especially to my fellows with 0 drawing skills, like this gaaal!

Oh, and here you have the images I designed for the watercolor-birds-themed piece of art! Enjoy them:


I'm going to have my camera repaired by Thursday (yaaaay!). It wasn't as expensive as I thought after all, not even remotely. Soooo, happy me :)

Oh! And I've been working in a new design for my YT channel. The blog one will get its own makeover as well!

And I'm gonna go, I promise, but fiiiirst... I had this idea of making my blog more of a lifestyle / fashion / makeup kind of blog. I thought it'd be cooler than using it only to share my videos! Every back to school season feels like a new life phase, soooo big plans for this new beginning :)

Gotta go!! See you soon, thank you for everything! Kisses, byyye!