Friday, November 28, 2014

DIY Reindeer Antlers + DIY Wire Ornaments + DIY Garland


 My schedule is getting crazy. There's just so much stuff to do and I don't even know how I manage it to get everything done in time. But anyway... I am sorry if this entry is going to be too simple, but I don't have time for more! I'm just here to let you know that I uploaded two more videos to my YouTube channel and they are Christmas related of course... <3

 1. The first one is the second part of my Christmas decoration ideas. I think these ideas are even cuter than the ones in the other video! There are some super simple yet pretty ornaments and a garland, that from my POV looks way prettier than the ones you can buy at stores... Just saying. Here you have the link:

 2. I saw this cute reindeer antlers for Forever21 all over YouTube and I thought they were just so cute! So I decided to make my own version of them:

And without further due, see you next time!!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

DIY Christmas Room Decor | Easy & affordable Holiday decorations

Ho, ho, ho, helloooo y'all!

Can you see some changes? Yaaaaaaaaay, new Christmas' design. Inspiration just payed me a visit and I had to do it. I love Christmas so much that I needed this. So boom! Here it is, Christmas' cuteness everywhere. 'Cause it's never too early for that, right? Buuut that's not all! I bring another special announcement today. I uploaded my first Christmas video of the season to my Youtube channel just a couple hours ago. It's a DIY room decor video, and I kind of love how everything turned out. I create a wall Advent Calendar with Christmas lights and some ornaments! This is just part one. Part two is coming next Sunday and I have a bunch of Christmas video ideas going around my head. So don't forget to subscribe to my channel to join the fun and don't lose track of those babies that are about to be born! Soooo here you have the video:

 And by the way, there was this 20% off in Disney Store and they practically forced me to buy two new babies. I got Snow White and Aurora and I looove them so much. I've been styling their hairs today, in fact Snow White has her curlers on at the moment. Maybe I'll do an entry dedicated entirely about that!

 I guess everything is already said! Hope you enjoy the DIYs and that you find them useful. Loads of love!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

DIY updates: DIY Crop Top & Skirt | DIY BMO

Helloooo, it's me! Did you know that you can't write the '<' thing in the YouTube's description box? Because I don't and I've been like twenty minutes figuring out what I was doing wrong. It kept on saying 'no puedes escribir paréntesis', Spanish for 'you can't write brackets'. And I kept on looking for 'paréntesis' or 'brackets' in my text, but there was none! And just when I was about to giving up... voilà! YouTube meant 'angle bracket'. So... NOT OKAY!! You're not allowed to write cute hearts like this <3 in your description box :( I guess it has to do with HTML an stuff...

Sooooo, yeah! Nice and interesting intro today. I'm exploited in college, so I don't have too much time to create posts :( That's why I didn't write last week, but today I am gonna make up for that. Here you have my last two videos:

1) DIY Crop Top & Skirt out of a Dress | Easy & affordable way to upcycling!

I got this dress in my closet which I really love but I never feel comfortable wearing it. Soooo, boom! Now instead of a dress, I have a crop top and a skirt. No sewing machine nor any expensive equipment required and super easy!

2)DIY BMO Toy | Perfect Gift / Decor Idea!

I am so in love with BMO and I have a really bad obsession with dolls and cute toys, so I decided to challenge myself creating this BMO! It turned out nice, I really love how cute it looks! I decided to give it to my boyfriend, you know, to show my love and stuff <3

Before I go, can we talk about how close Christmas is? Because I am sooo excited! I am planning to do a bunch of Christmas videos, and I am going to start next week. So bring your Christmas' spirit with you the next time you visit my YouTube's channel or my blog, 'cause it'll be officially Christmas over here!! Loads of love, xx