Sunday, July 12, 2015

Recent Summer-themed uploads + officially on Summer break!

Soooo, yeah!! It was tough as heck, but I figured it out to make it, and here we are, officially in Summer break.

It's been less than two weeks since I'm officially done with University and I have already the complete footage for three videos. And I'm planning to film more next weeks.

However, I haven't been able to upload yet. Buuuut, next week I'm having two videos: a collab with Krystal Everdeen -the gorgeous girl who makes extremely cute, tumblry-looking crochet tops- aaand another one, bikini related :P

Sooo, my upcoming uploading schedule for next week is Wednesday, the 15th and Sunday the 19th. Stay tuuuned, so you don't miss them :)

I also wanted to show you my recent uploads: I did a video on DIY chokers and another one on DIY projects to try out during the Summer.

I don't know if you can really tell, but I got the feeling that my editing and thumbnails are improving so much lately. I'm really enjoying graphic design lately, it's so soothing and relaxing for me!

Anyway, I think that it's going to be it for today! To be honest, I don't feel quite well today, this extremely hot weather is killing me slowly and my computer didn't want to cope with me during this filming day. But I think that tell all this crap on the internet helped a lot with my mood :P Thank you so much if you read this crappy blog entry.

See you soon, this time for sure!!