Sunday, November 8, 2015

Mini Haul + Makeup Look + DIY Floral Nails!

Hello everyone! My name is Marina and you're reading MyDIYtifuLife :)

Yeeeah, I just did that intro a thing and now it's going to be in every blog post as well! Today I'm here to do a little rambling about a lot of staff, so this is just me venting.

Sooo, today was my 'last' day of filming for my first mini series of Christmas videos. I planned and filmed three Christmas decoration videos in advanced because I'm taking an important, language certification related exam at the end of November, so I need to have some vids to upload! 

Although yesterday I was so stressed and things didn't work for me as planned, thanks to my boyfriend who always copes with me & my dumbness, I was able to got a lot of good footage. Today I put myself together, took a deep breath and decided that I wouldn't freak out. And everything worked sooooo good. I'm really, REALLY happy with how everything turned out, I've found out how to film with proper, natural lighting in my room even! So... be expecting some experimental makeup tutorials for this Christmas season!

Because YES, Christmas has officially started in my room, my channel and my mind. I'm so ready for this!! So here's a mini haul with a couple of things that my lovely mom got me yesterday - they scream Christmas to me! I don't know if it's because I'm obsessed, but... whatever!

I'm a sucker for anything Baby Lips related, so when I heard that these were being released on my country I knew for a fact that I was going to get at least one - they're just the cutest thing ever! It's just a lip balm, but with a round, more-EOS-looking shape. They're meant to go on your cheeks too, but I'm afraid I won't dare to use it as a blush because I don't wanna cause any breakouts! 

And the lipstick... I was trying not to get it, because since these vampy, dark shades are my favorite I have quite a few similar ones to Divine Wine. But the formula is so mousturizing and the lipstick look so matte and gorgeous when you swatch it that I couldn't resist!! #sorrynotsorry

Oh, and as you can see, I did some cute design on my nails. I love me some roses :)

And yees, I may or may not be inspired by these ornaments I designed for one of my videos :P

Sooo, with this picture of me trying so hard to look glamorous, I gotta say goodbye! I'm really enjoying applying plummy eyeshadows on my crease lately, because I recently found out that those shades make stand out my dark, hazelnut eye color. But that's another story - I'll tell more about that in an upcoming video maybe!! :)

Thank you so much for reading (if you have, if not... ¬¬) xoxo

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

My definition of Fall in an outfit


I've been wanting to take some pictures for ages, because I really needed them to try and get hired in promotional / hostess agency. But as usual, even tho I love in one of the sunniest city of Europe, once I got both my fancy makeup and outfit on, it started raining, plans needed to be cancelled or whatever. You name it, it probably happened to me. 

Last Saturday it was raining too. But God gifted us with 30 minutes of sun, and my boyfriend took me out of the house and took this pictures for me. Now, I think these are the most gorgeous pictures I got of myself. I'm not the most photogenic person in the world, and for me is really difficult to pose, act, and everything, but the boyfriend makes everything easier. Anyway, here we go! 

And that is it for today! I just wanted to share my excitement for my new pictures with you, but I don't feel like writing or talking too much today so... see you next time! Have a great day & week :)

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Unicorns Unite: The brand new lipsticks by Makeup Revolution | Inspired by Unicorns!

Hello everyone! Today I'm here to talk you all about the new lipsticks by Makeup Revolution: the Unicorns Unite collection.

In this collection we find 5 different outstanding shades: Horn of magic, Throne, Legend, Magical & Pink Myth. They're clearly made for those who love unusual lipstick colors such as the ones by Lime Crime, but don't feel like spending more than 15$ in a single lipstick.

However, this cannot be considered straight dupes from Lime Crime, because they all have a metallic / shimmery finish, while Lime Crime lip products are usually about that creamy / super matte finish.

I'm not particularly a fan of metallic / shimmery lipsticks because I find that matte ones fit me the most. However, these were all so pretty and appealing to the eye and so inexpensive (1.45€ each! Plus, I picked the whole pack and it was even cheaper: 5.80€) that I needed to get them.

I feel like these lipsticks are the perfect accesory for Halloween. I'm totally a fan when it comes to Halloween costumes (although my friends won't let me dress up... I just do it for the YouTube :P) and finding something so unusual, pretty and good quality for that little money is insane. Among Makeup Revolution lipsticks collection, you'll find as well others unusual, outstanding yet gorgeous colors, in case these ones are just not for you (or your costume, in case you want them for Halloween!).


In terms of durability, I feel like you won't have to re-apply for a good four / five hours. Different story if you drink / eat, for sure. But what I meant is that they're not that annoying kind of lipstick that fades away after 30 minutes once you apply it. It stays nice in your lips for a long time.

When I was doing the lip swatches for the video, I apply Legend the last one because I wanted to keep it. I film another different video with that lipstick on my lips and finally took it off after 3 hours or so, and it looked just as good as it did when freshly applied.


These are all super creamy and mostourizing. For me I would risk to say that they feel almost like a lip balm in terms of mostour, but with the consistency of a creamy lipstick. Don't know if I'm making sense but that's how I feel about them regarding this category, haha.

When it comes to coverage, it varies from one lipstick to another. I'll say that the most pigmented is Pink Myth, followed by Legend. Magical, Throne & Horn of Magic do not offer full coverage, although Throne kind of merge togethr with the color of my lipst. Anyway, if you put a lip liner underneath, they'll look like a dream.


As I said previously, we find 5 different shades:

Metallic Skyblue

Metallic lilac

Semi metallic lilac / grey

Metallic purple with a hint of blue

Reddish pink with some glitter in it


The packaging is the average packaging of Makeup Revolution lipsticks: the black one with the name of the brand on the lead and the color of the lipstick in the top of the lead. We can find the name of the lipstick on the lead as well, printed in a sticker. I'm sorry for not having taken a picture of this, but I totally forgot and I don't think is exciting enough to go and take the picture now, haha. Anyway, if you want to know what I'm talking about, in the video review that I made, you can see it too.


Ok, sooo... 

  • Do I feel that these lipsticks are worth it?? For that price, absolutely yes. 
  • Am I going to reach for them everyday? Probably not, because I think neutral lipsticks suit me a lot more. But since I got a YouTube channel and also a beauty blog now (:P) I feel like I'll be using them more than the average person. 
  • Do I consider them a must in any makeup collection? Probably not, because the variety of lipsticks you can find on stores nowadays is way too big. But if you like having fun with makeup or you want to make your makeup collection bigger, I'll recommend them with no hesitation. 
  • Would I repurchase them? YES! Because I had so much fun making all the swatches and I think that they're gorgeous for Halloween makeup tutorials or any fun makeup tutorial (such as festival or whatever). 
So that is it for today! I'm going to skip the pros / cons part because I think it'll be redundant. I'll see you next time, which will be pretty soon. Thank you so much for everything!! Love,

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

DIY Polaroid Costume: Easy & Affordables Halloween Costumes #MyDIYlloween

Heeeello!! It's me again :)

I uploaded my first costume for Halloween 2015 yesterday, and I needed to share it here too.

As usual it's super easy to make and super affordable. I've never seen something like this and the idea just pop up in my mind and I thought it'd be really cool :)

So here you got the stencil to make the pieces of the polaroid: the flash, the bottom, etc. You also have a mini polaroid stencil with all the details and measurements about that part of the costume too. It's in centimiters, so here you have the equivalent to inches, in case that's useful for you:

50 cm: 19.6
40 cm: 15.7
10 cm: 3.9
3 cm: 1.1

Stay tuned for more costumes to come!! I'll keep you posted :)

Sunday, October 4, 2015

New-trals VS Neutrals Eyeshadow Palette Review

Heeello!! October has just started and that screams Fall weather to me. In fact, it is the only month that I feel as it is Fall, because during September I am normally crying on my bed over the fact that Summer is coming to an end. Aaand once Halloween it's over, it's Christmas in here, cause I'm that annoying person that fangirls all the time over anything Christmas-related. Anyway, now that October is here, it is time to embrace Fall. I cannot find a better way to embrace Fall to the fullest than the most recent eyeshadow palette by Makeup Revolution. Probably you already know about its existence, but is it the New-trals VS Neutrals a must in your makeup collection? Keep on reading, cause you're about to find out :P

I'm gonna cut to the chase. YES, you ABSOLUTELY need this!! And the reason why is because I'm sure you don't own a palette with such a wide variety of shades that costs you less than 10€. To be exact, I got this babe for 8.49€. That's a steal right there.

Here you can find everything you have in the average neutral palette with some orange and burgundy shades. And it is precisely that 90's vibe what makes this palette absolutely outstanding and awesome.

Sometimes I think that this palette has not the recognition that its deserves - not even remotely! And to be honest, I believe that the reason for that is because it is not a high-end, super expensive palette. Sadly that is how this world works sometimes: if you buy inexpensive makeup, you're not cool enough. But whatever... Let's get into the review part!


These are all the shades you'll find on the palette. You can see their names written in the piece of plastic that covers and protects them (do this thing has a name? cause I can't remember haha). You got some mattes and lots of shimmers. Some of the shimmers are just that, shimmers, and some of them are more on the foil-finish side. I'm not gonna go into detail about each one of the colors because I'm terrible at describing colors, so here you got the swatches. I didn't want to go too harsh with them so you can see the real pigmentation you can get with just one swap.

Top row shades

Bottom row shades
I would say that the pigmentation is amazing. Some colors are more pigmented than others, but they are buildable and if you apply two coats they'll be like BOOM! Right in your face.

I looove shades such as Bias, Personal and Cool to highlight the browbone and I think that Adapt and Trend are perfect as transition shades. Speaking of, that's a downside when it comes to Makeup Revolution palettes for lots of people: some more transition shades are missed in their palettes. For me personally that's not a problem at all, if I don't feel like using Adapt or Trend, I can grab one of my neutral palette and apply any color. I hope I'm making sense, haha.

Regarding my favorite colors, I must admit that I'm absolutely in love with Tone. That burgundy/berry color it's so pigmented and pretty. Vogue, Trend, New-tral and Strong are the other ones that I find absolutely stunning. They're so unique and unusual yet beautiful colors.


Unless you're planning on having your eye makeup on for a week straight, you won't have any issues with this palette regarding durability. 

I went out last Friday with my best friend and tested this baby out for the first time. The pictures you see on this post header show the look I went for, in case you're curious (btw, if you're interested in a tutorial or something, let me know!). Well, after sweating my ass off dancing and everything, I came home and when I looked at my eyes on the elevator mirror my eyelook was surprisingly still there. The eyeshadow were on my eyelids, my creases, my browbones, my inner corners and my bottom lash lines rather than all over my face. And that's the story of how I fell in love with that palette - even more! In that very moment, I knew New-trals vs Neutrals and I would be soulmates till the end of time. 


Front part of the box
The packaging is lovely, just as the rest of the palette. The palette itself comes inside of a cardboard box which displays the name of the palette, the name of the brand and what you'll find inside of the box.

Back part of the box
The actual packaging of the palette looks expensive and professional, as it's displayed on the front part. There's no way you can tell the price of this palette by the packaging. 

There's one thing I found unusual of the packaging of the front part of this palette tho, and it is the matte finish of the material - the rest of the palettes I got from Makeup Revolution are glossy, just as the back part of this one :P 

Front part of the palette
Back part of the palette, featuring myself, my camera and a hair from my dog (yes, the one in the header! :P)
It comes with a brush (I forgot to take a picture of it) and I haven't tested it yet, but from what I've read, it is a good one.


I still have way too much to learn about cosmetics ingredients and all that (not so) fun stuff, but I can clearly read the word PARABEN twice. That is probably my only complaint about this palette, but taking into account the ingredients of some 50$ palettes, let's get it over with. 


Pros: EVERYTHING! Just kidding, but let's me start... 
  •  Price: 8.49€
  • Durability
  • Pigmentation
  • Wide variety of colors: everyday colors & outstanding, stunning shades
  • Packaging: it comes with a brush - not the crappy kind, it's said to be a good one
  • Lacking of transition shades (that's not a con for me, but I know it is for some people)
  • It contains two types of paraben


Is it worth it? YES!! Do you need this palette in your life? ABSOLUTELY! Is this palette a must for every makeup collection? HELL YES! Would I repurchase this palette? Girl, don't ask me twice 'cause I'm about to grab my money and buy myself another one, just in case.

Sooo, that is about it! I hope you enjoyed the review - it's the first of many more to come! I'll see you next time, which will be either tomorrow or the day after, when I finally upload my first Halloween costume of 2015 to my YT channel :P Xoxo,

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Essence & Wet'n'Wild Dupes of Mac Lipsticks - Mac Dupes Under 3$

During my early years of High School, my acne-prone skin makes me developed a passion for makeup products. I dreamt of those beautiful MAC lipsticks and those highly pigmented Too Faced shadows but I only could afford poorly pigmented drugstore makeup. 

It hasn't been that long since I was in High School - I'm not that old! :P But the fact that the makeup that I got my hands into wasn't good enough, kind of makes me grow apart from the makeup world. Just for a while, apparently. 

I am not sure if it is that I am an adult now and I simply know better: I do my research before investing my money in something I'll regret buying later on. Or maybe it's just that drugstore makeup has evolved till what it is now. New brands were born and the drugstore makeup game in general has changed. Or maybe is a combination of those two facts. 

Anyway, I'm a fresh-college-graduated-young-lady who is seeking for a job in a country that has been severely hit by the current financial crisis situation and whose only earrings comes from YouTube. So I need to be smart when it comes to shopping. And yes, that means that I do not own a single MAC lipstick.

So, yeah, this four introductory paragraphs were aimed just to justify myself spending hours and hours on the internet looking for good drugstore dupes of MAC lipsticks. NYX and E.l.f. are well known for their dupes too, but I'm not lucky enough to have any of these brands in Spanish makeup stores. Maybelline, Rimmel and Revlon have some dupes too, but they're a little bit pricier.Therefore I decided to focus my research on Wet'n'Wild and Essence: I can get plenty of products from these brands on my local stores and their prices are amazingly inexpensive, which is always a plus! 

I need to stop rambling ASAP, so let's stop writing and let me introduce some dupes to y'all :)


  • Ok, first things first. That lip liner is just one of the gorgeous things I've ever bought. I normally apply it under the 03 Come Naturally from Essence nude lipsticks collection and it is just so Kylie Jenner and pretty. 
  • I can't say anything about the MAC blankety dupe because I do not own any of those, but from what I know, they look pretty similar.
  • That Bare It All lipstick is gooorgeous too, love it. It is said to be a dupe of Velvet Teddy but it's lighter in my opinion, more similar to Kinda Sexy. 
  • The 05 Cool Nude from Essence is just beautiful. They're not the most pigmented lipsticks ever, but you can definitely build up the color. Plenty of people have swatched MAC Faux and the Essence shade together and they're soooo close. 
  • This is definitely going to be my next purchase as soon as I get to an Essence stand. I've already swatched this 06 Barely There lipstick and it may not look exactly the same as Velvet Teddy, but the finish and the formula are pretty similar, which makes it a closer dupe.


  • I do not own MAC Angel neither I do Wet'n'Wild Think Pink, but from what I've seen, they're soooo close. Probably MAC Angel is more creamy, because the Wet'n'Wild Megalast Lipsticks have a semi-matte finish and Angel has more of a frost finish, but when it comes to color they're pretty similar.
  • I do not own any of the following two either, but again, from what I've learnt and seen, MAC Syrup and Essence 07 Natural Beauty are really similar.
  • I do own the Rosebud shade from Wet'n'Wild  and regarding color, it's pretty similar to Fanfare. Again, the Wet'n'Wild one is semi-matte while Fanfare belongs to the cremesheen collection, therefore it is in the creamy spectrum. 
  • MAC St Germain and Wet'n'Wild Dollhouse Pink may look similar, but Dollhouse Pink is at least one shade darker. The two lipsticks are vibrant pink colors that look really alike, so I think you can cheat people into think that you wear St Germain when in reality you're wearing a 3$ lipstick :P.
  • I've seen swatches of MAC Viva Glam Nicki Minaj and Wet'n'Wild Pinkerbell in arms and they look pretty much the same thing.
  • MAC Viva Glam Miley Cyrus may be a little bit brighter while Wet'n'Wild Don't Blink Pink is a little bit darker, but one can barely tell the difference between those two. 


  • I've found that Purty Persimmon by Wet'n'Wild is a dupe of MAC So Chaud and also of Bang from the Urban Decay Revolution lipsticks. I do not own any of these, but the Internet taught me this,
  • Apparently Stoplight Red by Wet'n'Wild is a perfect dupe of Ruby Woo by MAC.
  • In the flesh and Spiked with rum by Wet'n'Wild are pretty similar shades, the first one is a little bit lighter than the other. Same happens with MAC Twig and MAC Del Rio.
  • Mochalicious is far from the red spectrum. Although it does have a hint of red in it, it is more of a brown-ish shade, a dupe of MAC Verve. A perfect shade for Fall, as it happens with all of the lipsticks in this category. 
  • I've seen all over the internet that Cherry Bomb is the perfect dupe of MAC Diva, but again I do not own any of these.
  • This last one it is the most amazing shade eveeeer, I love myself some vampy lipstick. The Wet'n'Wild lipstick in the shade Vamp It Up look a lot like the worldwide famous Cyber by MAC. 
Now, before I go I need to make a quick review of the Wet'n'Wild Megalast lipsticks and the Essence Long-Lasting ones. I think Essence lipsticks are really nice for the price you pay for them. They're definitely not the most pigmented lipsticks ever, but they are buildable nice colors. They're not super durable either, but if you use them with a lip liner underneath you won't have to re-apply them for a decent amount of hours.

However, those Wet'n'Wild Megalast Lipsticks... Girl, let me tell ya, they absolutely are the bomb-dot-com. These are by far the most high quality, pigmented, matte and pretty lipsticks I've tried ever in my life. I've never get my hands into nothing high-end, not even remotely, but these have to be the closest you can get to high-end quality while paying 3 freaking dollars. They're said to be so drying, and they might be if you wear them for a really long time without re-applying. Exfoliate your lips and put some lipbalm before you apply these ones and you'll be avoiding any dryness.  

I'm going to receive soon my first ever Milani lipstick, so I'll let you know if I find it to be better than my Wet'n'Wild ones, 'cause Milani lipsticks are so popular, beloved and good rated among the beauty community too. 

Anyway!! That is about it. Gosh, I need some friends or something, it has been a good couple of hours writing this entry and figuring everything out. Oh! I almost forgot. Please, if you like the images I created and want to share them through Pinterest or any social media, give me some credit! I spent lots of hours editing them and doing my research so it'd make me so happy to get some recognition. 

I'll see you very soon, I'm pretty sure of it. Have a nice week!! May Monday be good to y'all beautiful creatures of the internet. Love,