Sunday, September 27, 2015

Essence & Wet'n'Wild Dupes of Mac Lipsticks - Mac Dupes Under 3$

During my early years of High School, my acne-prone skin makes me developed a passion for makeup products. I dreamt of those beautiful MAC lipsticks and those highly pigmented Too Faced shadows but I only could afford poorly pigmented drugstore makeup. 

It hasn't been that long since I was in High School - I'm not that old! :P But the fact that the makeup that I got my hands into wasn't good enough, kind of makes me grow apart from the makeup world. Just for a while, apparently. 

I am not sure if it is that I am an adult now and I simply know better: I do my research before investing my money in something I'll regret buying later on. Or maybe it's just that drugstore makeup has evolved till what it is now. New brands were born and the drugstore makeup game in general has changed. Or maybe is a combination of those two facts. 

Anyway, I'm a fresh-college-graduated-young-lady who is seeking for a job in a country that has been severely hit by the current financial crisis situation and whose only earrings comes from YouTube. So I need to be smart when it comes to shopping. And yes, that means that I do not own a single MAC lipstick.

So, yeah, this four introductory paragraphs were aimed just to justify myself spending hours and hours on the internet looking for good drugstore dupes of MAC lipsticks. NYX and E.l.f. are well known for their dupes too, but I'm not lucky enough to have any of these brands in Spanish makeup stores. Maybelline, Rimmel and Revlon have some dupes too, but they're a little bit pricier.Therefore I decided to focus my research on Wet'n'Wild and Essence: I can get plenty of products from these brands on my local stores and their prices are amazingly inexpensive, which is always a plus! 

I need to stop rambling ASAP, so let's stop writing and let me introduce some dupes to y'all :)


  • Ok, first things first. That lip liner is just one of the gorgeous things I've ever bought. I normally apply it under the 03 Come Naturally from Essence nude lipsticks collection and it is just so Kylie Jenner and pretty. 
  • I can't say anything about the MAC blankety dupe because I do not own any of those, but from what I know, they look pretty similar.
  • That Bare It All lipstick is gooorgeous too, love it. It is said to be a dupe of Velvet Teddy but it's lighter in my opinion, more similar to Kinda Sexy. 
  • The 05 Cool Nude from Essence is just beautiful. They're not the most pigmented lipsticks ever, but you can definitely build up the color. Plenty of people have swatched MAC Faux and the Essence shade together and they're soooo close. 
  • This is definitely going to be my next purchase as soon as I get to an Essence stand. I've already swatched this 06 Barely There lipstick and it may not look exactly the same as Velvet Teddy, but the finish and the formula are pretty similar, which makes it a closer dupe.


  • I do not own MAC Angel neither I do Wet'n'Wild Think Pink, but from what I've seen, they're soooo close. Probably MAC Angel is more creamy, because the Wet'n'Wild Megalast Lipsticks have a semi-matte finish and Angel has more of a frost finish, but when it comes to color they're pretty similar.
  • I do not own any of the following two either, but again, from what I've learnt and seen, MAC Syrup and Essence 07 Natural Beauty are really similar.
  • I do own the Rosebud shade from Wet'n'Wild  and regarding color, it's pretty similar to Fanfare. Again, the Wet'n'Wild one is semi-matte while Fanfare belongs to the cremesheen collection, therefore it is in the creamy spectrum. 
  • MAC St Germain and Wet'n'Wild Dollhouse Pink may look similar, but Dollhouse Pink is at least one shade darker. The two lipsticks are vibrant pink colors that look really alike, so I think you can cheat people into think that you wear St Germain when in reality you're wearing a 3$ lipstick :P.
  • I've seen swatches of MAC Viva Glam Nicki Minaj and Wet'n'Wild Pinkerbell in arms and they look pretty much the same thing.
  • MAC Viva Glam Miley Cyrus may be a little bit brighter while Wet'n'Wild Don't Blink Pink is a little bit darker, but one can barely tell the difference between those two. 


  • I've found that Purty Persimmon by Wet'n'Wild is a dupe of MAC So Chaud and also of Bang from the Urban Decay Revolution lipsticks. I do not own any of these, but the Internet taught me this,
  • Apparently Stoplight Red by Wet'n'Wild is a perfect dupe of Ruby Woo by MAC.
  • In the flesh and Spiked with rum by Wet'n'Wild are pretty similar shades, the first one is a little bit lighter than the other. Same happens with MAC Twig and MAC Del Rio.
  • Mochalicious is far from the red spectrum. Although it does have a hint of red in it, it is more of a brown-ish shade, a dupe of MAC Verve. A perfect shade for Fall, as it happens with all of the lipsticks in this category. 
  • I've seen all over the internet that Cherry Bomb is the perfect dupe of MAC Diva, but again I do not own any of these.
  • This last one it is the most amazing shade eveeeer, I love myself some vampy lipstick. The Wet'n'Wild lipstick in the shade Vamp It Up look a lot like the worldwide famous Cyber by MAC. 
Now, before I go I need to make a quick review of the Wet'n'Wild Megalast lipsticks and the Essence Long-Lasting ones. I think Essence lipsticks are really nice for the price you pay for them. They're definitely not the most pigmented lipsticks ever, but they are buildable nice colors. They're not super durable either, but if you use them with a lip liner underneath you won't have to re-apply them for a decent amount of hours.

However, those Wet'n'Wild Megalast Lipsticks... Girl, let me tell ya, they absolutely are the bomb-dot-com. These are by far the most high quality, pigmented, matte and pretty lipsticks I've tried ever in my life. I've never get my hands into nothing high-end, not even remotely, but these have to be the closest you can get to high-end quality while paying 3 freaking dollars. They're said to be so drying, and they might be if you wear them for a really long time without re-applying. Exfoliate your lips and put some lipbalm before you apply these ones and you'll be avoiding any dryness.  

I'm going to receive soon my first ever Milani lipstick, so I'll let you know if I find it to be better than my Wet'n'Wild ones, 'cause Milani lipsticks are so popular, beloved and good rated among the beauty community too. 

Anyway!! That is about it. Gosh, I need some friends or something, it has been a good couple of hours writing this entry and figuring everything out. Oh! I almost forgot. Please, if you like the images I created and want to share them through Pinterest or any social media, give me some credit! I spent lots of hours editing them and doing my research so it'd make me so happy to get some recognition. 

I'll see you very soon, I'm pretty sure of it. Have a nice week!! May Monday be good to y'all beautiful creatures of the internet. Love,

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

DIY Block Letters Out Of Cereal Boxes - Fall Edition!!

Heeello! Yees, two entries in the same day! It was completely unintentional, I wrote the other one yesterday but forgot to publish it. I'm always so stress that I end up acting goofy. I'm sorry :(

Anyway, yesterday I uploaded a new video! It's a Fall-themed one, to welcome the new season :)

Yaaas, it's the fall version of my DIY block letters out of cereal boxes. Hope you like it!! Without further due, here you have all the stencils and printables you'll need to recreate this Fall quote:





Needless to say, the images I used to cover some of the pieces are not mine! I took them from Google and I share them with you in a collage form so you can make the most of them if you liked them, but I claim no credit for them (obviously, duuuh!).

Thank you so much for everythiiiing. Kisses, byyyye!!

Birthday Haul aka Makeup Haul + Aladdin

Heeello everyone and welcome to my birthday haul!! So the past September, the 11th was my birthday and I turned 22. I'm getting old y'all. I was lucky enough to have my mom, boyfriend (& myself) to get me some presents and I'm here to show (most of them) to you! I basically tell them the makeup I was interested in and I bought the rest of it... It's that easy to get me some gifts, haha. Although you can see a lot of things on the picture, I'm just going to talk about some of them, because I need to go editing ASAP, but I wanted so bad to make my first almost-everything-about-makeup entry.

1. W7 - In the mood & In the city palettes

I know this brand has being around for a while now, but I get interested in it just recently. They got a variety of products in their collection, but they're mostly known for their dupes of the Naked palettes by Urban Decay. These two babes are the dupes of the Naked Basics 1 & 2 palettes, and as you'll see in the next images, the colors of the shadows are pretty darn close to the original ones.

The only downside of these two mini palettes is that the shadows are a little bit dusty, since they're mostly matte. But for 3,5€ each, what else can you ask for, right?

In the city (right) is the dupe of Naked 2 Basics. In the mood (left) is the dupe of  the Naked Basics. 

2. W7- In the buff: lightly toasted, In the nude, In the night: up in smoke & In the night palettes

Sooo, I needed more of these palettes! I absolutely fell in love with it when I got my first one (In the nude). Although as I mentioned before, the matte shadows can be a little dusty, but the ones with satin & shimmery finish are just a dream. They're the most pigmented shadows I've ever tried in my life along with the MUR shadows (clearly I've never got my hands into high-end shadows... maybe one day haha). In the buff: lightly toasted is a perfect dupe of the Naked 1, while In the nude does the same job as the Naked 3 palette. As far as I know, the two In the night palettes are not dupes of any palette, but they're just as pretty as their sisters. Here it is a close-up of the shadows, so you can appreciate their beauty by yourself!

1º row - In  the buff: lightly toasted | 2º row - In the nude | 3rd row - In the night | 4th row- In the night: up in smoke 

3- Makeup Revolution - Iconic 2 palette

I couldn't get myself into the W7 In the buff palette, which is the dupe of the Naked 2. It was sold out on the store where I got the rest of the other W7 palettes. I discovered the brand Makeup Revolution has its own dupes for the Naked palettes too, so since I wanted to 'complete' my collection, I got this one too. These are sooooooo pigmented, even more than the W7 ones, and I was pretty impressed with the W7 quality already. They also got a dupe of the Naked 1 & the Naked 3: their Iconic 1 & 3 palettes.

4. Makeup Revolution - Ultra Blush Palettes: Hot Spice & Sugar and Spice

I've always been a blush person, but never had a clue about how to apply it. Recently I've been really into contouring, high-lighting and all that good stuff and this two palettes have made my life so much easier. You get a huge variety of shades for a little amount of money and their quality is amazing! I used them for everything: contour, highlight and blush.

Makeup Revolution - Ultra Blush Sugar and Spice Palette

Makeup Revolution - Ultra Blush Hot Spice Palette

5. Tons of lipsticks & one lonely mascara

As you can tell, I've been really into many things lately. One of these things is nude/brown lipsticks, more specifically, dupes of nude MAC lipsticks, since I don't think I could afford one MAC lipstick never in my life. Hahaha, I'm pretty sure that the total price of all the products you see in the picture is what you pay for a single MAC lipstick. Anyway, here's a list of what you see:

  • Wet'n'wild: Just peachy - A nude, peachy shade.
  • Wet'n'wild: Bare it all - Lots of people say that this is a dupe of the trendy Velvet Teddy by MAC, but after doing my research I'll say it is closer to Honey Love or Kinda Sexy. 
  • Wet'n'wild: Rosebud - A warm pink shade but kind of nude, which makes it more wearable.
  • Wet'n'wild: In the flesh - A perfect dupe of MAC Twig. 
  • Wet'n'wild: Spiked with rum - A perfect dupe of MAC Del Rio.
  • Wet'n'wild: Sandstorm - Another brownish shade with kind of a yellow undertone rather than a reddish undertone, as the two previous ones. 
  • Wet'n'wild: Mochalicious - A really dark reddish nude/brown shade, dupe of MAC Verve. This last four shades are going to be my go-to for the Fall season.
  • Essence: Come Naturally - A creamy nude shade. It's not as pigmented as the Wet'n'Wild ones but it's a complete different formula. 
  • Essence: Cool Nude - If you're looking for a dupe of MAC Faux, this is your shade. 
  • Makeup Revolution - Salvation intense lip lacquer in the shade Depravity. I got this one wrong. I wanted to get the matte version of it, but instead I bought the liquid lipstick version. Anyway, it's a nice shade that I'm not gonna used very often because it's too out of my comfort zone, but hopefully I could use it for my upcoming Halloween tutorials!
  • W7: Absolute Lashes Mascara - The packaging is exactly like the Benefit- They're real one and I'm sure the quality is not as good as Benefit's, but for 2€ you got a pretty decent mascara. 

6. Animators Collection Dolls - Aladdin

And now my favorite part! My lovely boyfriend got me this Animator's Collection Aladdin doll, which was recently added to the famous Disney Collection. I never owned an Animator boy, so I was really excited to get this one! My collection is almost complete, I can't wait for that to happen. 

Aaaand I wanted to say before I go that this are just materials things. I'm pretty sure I purchased more than half of the makeup with my own money, so the whole entry thing is just a way to share with you my most recent purchases as well as a way of introducing this blog to the makeup world. 

I received lots of kind wishes for my birthday and my boyfriend made me spent the most beautiful birthday time of my life, so those things are definitely the ones I appreciate the most. Not all good things in life are buyable, even when lots of them are :P

Ok, I gotta go editing now 'cause it's getting late and my computer is sooooooooo slow. I may start calling it my little snail or something. Anyway, see ya tomorrow with the new video! Xoxo

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

DIY Polaroid Pillow / Fujifilm Instax Mini 8

Heeello y'all!!

Yes, it's me with another pillow-tutorial. Today we're doing a DIY Polaroid Pillow! I'm in love with these cameras, they're like little toys that allows you to capture memories in a cute way. Gosh, that was way too cheesy!! :P

If you want to learn how to made your own Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 pillow, check out my tutorial on Youtube:

And if you want to give it a try... here you have a stencil to make everything easier!

Hopefully tomorrow or in a couple of days I'll be uploading a birthday haul! I got a bunch of cute things to show :)

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

DIY Baby Lips Pillow

Heeeello beautiful people of the internet!!

Yayy, the blog design is completely changed now!! Hope you like it, cause I gotta say that I'm completely in love with it.

I've been collecting some makeup lately because I want to start making some makeup reviews, swatches and all that fun stuff here in my blog. I've always loved makeup, but recently I've become more interesting in it and I think it would be cool to enhance my blog by adding some fresh, brand new content rather than only using it for my DIY videos. We'll see how all this goes!

For now, I'm here to share with you my new video. I'm completely in love with Baby Lips lip balms, I think I got all the available ones here in Spain. So I don't know exactly how, but this idea came into my mind and I thought that it would be perfect for a video. Sooo here it is: DIY Baby Lips Pillows!

As always, they're sooo easy to do and super inexpensive, so if you like the idea, don't hesitate and give it a try! Here's the stencil I created using an amazing image I found online and Photoshop. I basically just stretch the drawing so the pillow doesn't look as thin as my finger :P

So that's it for today! See you next time <3