Sunday, January 18, 2015

3 DIY Cat Ears Headbands ♡ (Ariana Grande Inspired!) | Cute Hair Accessories

Heeeello! Here I am with a fresh, brand-new upload that I want to share with you!

I've been loving Ariana's style lately, like I would steal her whole closet if I got the chance. I know, it may sound creepy, but it is completely true. That's probably the reason why I've been wanting all those shopgracieusa's oversized sweaters and t-shirt dresses. I spent all my money in craft supplies anyway, so...

Well, that intro lead me to what I came here to say. My last video is about cat ears headbands, which you probably know by now. This is basically what I did:

Now I'm going to tell you a little about each one of them:

I happened to see these plastic roses in pastel colors in a craftstore and in that very moment I knew I got to do something with them. So yeah, cat ears. Loved how they turned out! They are really romantic and girly. 

These are a version of the ones Ariana's showed once in her IG. As I said in the video, I feel like they look more as fox ears rather than cat ears because they turned out too pointed, but well! They are even more unique and personal now! And foxes can be as cute as cats, so...

I am in love with those!! They are like the ones Ariana wears in Love Me Harder video and they are just lovely. They look classy yet super cute.

Sooo! Without further due, here you have the video in case you want to learn the how to: 

That was all for today. This week is my finals' week (yaaaay, so excited!) buuut I'll try to have my DIY Valentine's Day Projects video uploaded by Sunday, as usual. Don't forget to follow me on IG if you want to know when would it be up, because I tell everything about my uploads there. And don't forget to subscribe to my channel if you want to find my videos in your subscription box :) 
Loads of love for y'all!! Xoxo ❤