Sunday, October 4, 2015

New-trals VS Neutrals Eyeshadow Palette Review

Heeello!! October has just started and that screams Fall weather to me. In fact, it is the only month that I feel as it is Fall, because during September I am normally crying on my bed over the fact that Summer is coming to an end. Aaand once Halloween it's over, it's Christmas in here, cause I'm that annoying person that fangirls all the time over anything Christmas-related. Anyway, now that October is here, it is time to embrace Fall. I cannot find a better way to embrace Fall to the fullest than the most recent eyeshadow palette by Makeup Revolution. Probably you already know about its existence, but is it the New-trals VS Neutrals a must in your makeup collection? Keep on reading, cause you're about to find out :P

I'm gonna cut to the chase. YES, you ABSOLUTELY need this!! And the reason why is because I'm sure you don't own a palette with such a wide variety of shades that costs you less than 10€. To be exact, I got this babe for 8.49€. That's a steal right there.

Here you can find everything you have in the average neutral palette with some orange and burgundy shades. And it is precisely that 90's vibe what makes this palette absolutely outstanding and awesome.

Sometimes I think that this palette has not the recognition that its deserves - not even remotely! And to be honest, I believe that the reason for that is because it is not a high-end, super expensive palette. Sadly that is how this world works sometimes: if you buy inexpensive makeup, you're not cool enough. But whatever... Let's get into the review part!


These are all the shades you'll find on the palette. You can see their names written in the piece of plastic that covers and protects them (do this thing has a name? cause I can't remember haha). You got some mattes and lots of shimmers. Some of the shimmers are just that, shimmers, and some of them are more on the foil-finish side. I'm not gonna go into detail about each one of the colors because I'm terrible at describing colors, so here you got the swatches. I didn't want to go too harsh with them so you can see the real pigmentation you can get with just one swap.

Top row shades

Bottom row shades
I would say that the pigmentation is amazing. Some colors are more pigmented than others, but they are buildable and if you apply two coats they'll be like BOOM! Right in your face.

I looove shades such as Bias, Personal and Cool to highlight the browbone and I think that Adapt and Trend are perfect as transition shades. Speaking of, that's a downside when it comes to Makeup Revolution palettes for lots of people: some more transition shades are missed in their palettes. For me personally that's not a problem at all, if I don't feel like using Adapt or Trend, I can grab one of my neutral palette and apply any color. I hope I'm making sense, haha.

Regarding my favorite colors, I must admit that I'm absolutely in love with Tone. That burgundy/berry color it's so pigmented and pretty. Vogue, Trend, New-tral and Strong are the other ones that I find absolutely stunning. They're so unique and unusual yet beautiful colors.


Unless you're planning on having your eye makeup on for a week straight, you won't have any issues with this palette regarding durability. 

I went out last Friday with my best friend and tested this baby out for the first time. The pictures you see on this post header show the look I went for, in case you're curious (btw, if you're interested in a tutorial or something, let me know!). Well, after sweating my ass off dancing and everything, I came home and when I looked at my eyes on the elevator mirror my eyelook was surprisingly still there. The eyeshadow were on my eyelids, my creases, my browbones, my inner corners and my bottom lash lines rather than all over my face. And that's the story of how I fell in love with that palette - even more! In that very moment, I knew New-trals vs Neutrals and I would be soulmates till the end of time. 


Front part of the box
The packaging is lovely, just as the rest of the palette. The palette itself comes inside of a cardboard box which displays the name of the palette, the name of the brand and what you'll find inside of the box.

Back part of the box
The actual packaging of the palette looks expensive and professional, as it's displayed on the front part. There's no way you can tell the price of this palette by the packaging. 

There's one thing I found unusual of the packaging of the front part of this palette tho, and it is the matte finish of the material - the rest of the palettes I got from Makeup Revolution are glossy, just as the back part of this one :P 

Front part of the palette
Back part of the palette, featuring myself, my camera and a hair from my dog (yes, the one in the header! :P)
It comes with a brush (I forgot to take a picture of it) and I haven't tested it yet, but from what I've read, it is a good one.


I still have way too much to learn about cosmetics ingredients and all that (not so) fun stuff, but I can clearly read the word PARABEN twice. That is probably my only complaint about this palette, but taking into account the ingredients of some 50$ palettes, let's get it over with. 


Pros: EVERYTHING! Just kidding, but let's me start... 
  •  Price: 8.49€
  • Durability
  • Pigmentation
  • Wide variety of colors: everyday colors & outstanding, stunning shades
  • Packaging: it comes with a brush - not the crappy kind, it's said to be a good one
  • Lacking of transition shades (that's not a con for me, but I know it is for some people)
  • It contains two types of paraben


Is it worth it? YES!! Do you need this palette in your life? ABSOLUTELY! Is this palette a must for every makeup collection? HELL YES! Would I repurchase this palette? Girl, don't ask me twice 'cause I'm about to grab my money and buy myself another one, just in case.

Sooo, that is about it! I hope you enjoyed the review - it's the first of many more to come! I'll see you next time, which will be either tomorrow or the day after, when I finally upload my first Halloween costume of 2015 to my YT channel :P Xoxo,