Thursday, June 4, 2015

DIY Summer Room Decor Projects

Helloooo dear people of the internet!!

As incredible as it may seem, I'm here, writing a new post :) It's going to be really quick because I still am busy as hell and my head feels like exploding 90 % of the day, but anyway, here we go!

I've been working in my Summer room decor video for 3 weeks and it turned out pretty awesome, if you'd ask me. All the ideas are really unique and easy to make, plus, most of them are really inexpensive, so... You better try them!

Aaaand I also uploaded two more videos:

- One of them is about the Feria de Abril, a celebration from my hometown that it's known worldwide. So... if you don't know it, you're def missing out! Check my vid:

- And the other upload is a spring-summer haul! I showed some quite cute pieces of clothing :) I'm afraid you're gonna have another one of those soon, since I recently purchased four Triangl dupe bathing suits and some pieces from Forever 21.

And that's pretty much it for today! I'm going to be done with finals in two weeks and done with college next month. Soooo be prepared for more of myself :P Oh, and I was filming today what it's going to be my next video: DIY Choker Necklaces. It's going to be a short video, so it'll be ready soon. See you then :)

PD: Have you notice that I changed the whole appereance of the blog for the Summer time? I also created a new YT banner!