Tuesday, March 3, 2015

DIY Accessories: Zipper Bracelet + Wire Rings


I'm not in the mood for writing, but at the same time I feel like doing a new entry... So I guess I'll keep writing to a minimum and I'll fill that with photos...

#1 I uploaded a new video last Thursday. It's about DIY floral accessories which are perfect for spring. Of course they're extremely inexpensive - otherwise, I could not afford them, dah? 
There are three: two rings made out of wire, beads and buttons and a bracelet made out of a zipper with some beads. They turned out really pretty, if you'd ask me... If I saw them on stores, I think I'd like to buy them. Without further due, here you have the video: 

#2 I've changed the design of my blog entirely to celebrate 600 subbies. I created my background completely, and by that I mean that I draw the roses with Photoshop. And yes, I'm so proud of myself for that, because me + drawing = disaster.
I'm so happy with the new design, everything is mint/pink/floral themed and it looks personal and cute!

#3 Last Saturday I had a little 'photoshoot' with the prettiest and sexiest photographer of the world aka my boyfriend. He took a couple of shoots to change my YouTube channel art. They go perfectly with my new design's theme, so I guess I'll use them for some place I'm still figuring out on my blog too. Anyway, here are some of my favorite pics: 

I know, the last one looks a little bit creepy, but I think the idea was cool. Here you can see how my Animators' Collection keep on growing :P I know I talk about this in all of my blogs entries, but they make me really happy and I just can't help it, I'm sorry, I'm weird like that... Oh, and here you have the new YT channel banner: 

Oh, and btw, if anyone knows how to solve the YT bug that keeps on saying "the image is too big, reduce it to less than 2 MB and reupload it" or something like that even when the image is less than 2 MB, I'll be forever grateful if you tell me. The banner looks too dark on YT because it's .jpg and that sucks :(

#4 I don't usually buy clothes. I mean, I cannot complain at all about the amount of clothing that I own, but it's not such a huge amount of clothes... And we have to take into account that I revamp my clothes and keeps on wearing the same thing until it's completely worn-out. But I happened to see those incredibly pretty boots and I can't help but buy them. But look at them guys, they're the most beautiful pair of boots I've ever seen in my life:

Aaaand that's all. I'm done! See you soon <3