Saturday, December 27, 2014

New Year's Eve DIY Party Dress

Heeeeello, it's me again!

I've been terribly sick since the night of the 25th so I've been basically dying in my bed and being medicated. Today I was a little bit better, but not well enough to make a whole video like the ones I normally do, so I decided to change things a little bit while doing something new and fresh at the same time!

I created a party dress for Rapunzel from the Animator's Collection dolls and it was inspired in the Holiday Collection of Hayden Williams. I really loved her drawings and I've been following him since I first discovered about his Instagram's paige, about a year ago. I think he's really talented and he has a really unique style for drawing. I was so happy when I knew he was woking with Rimmel for the Kate Moss' collection thing.

Here you have some pics of the final product:

It was surprisingly easy and fast to do. I spent no more than an hour in creating it! And from my POV it looks so cute and pretty. As I said in my video, I wish I had an important event to attend just to weat something like this! Here you have the video I made so you can learn more about it and watch the details of the hair updo and stuff: 

And just one more thing before I go, I've been working in a new design for my blog and my YouTube channel that it is going to go along with my room decoration and filming spot. You'll see everything the 1st of January! I'm so exciiiited! :) See you then :)