Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas + Christmas Updates


I finally have time to sit down in front of my computer and write something decent here. I missed this!!

First thing first, I GOT A NEW CAMERA! Like whaaaat, Marina? YAAAASSS. I watched this super Black Friday deal and with my saved money and the help of my beloved parents, I got it. It probably would have been cheaper if I got it online, but I feel insecure buying these kind of devices online because of guarantee issues and whatsnot.

So, I’m glad to introduce you to my Canon EOS 1200D. I used to think that these things were easier to use, but I realize that they are not at all. I still am figuring out how to handle it! I will explore all the functions and watch loads of tutorials during this Winter Break.

While I was out studying for some midterms and doing a million of paper dues, I uploaded some more Christmas videos, I even did my first tag! And I have to say I’m super proud of the last Christmas video of my series. It’s a ‘Get Into The Christmas Spirit’ and you can watch a make up and nails tutorials, a DIY on high knee socks and some inspiration for Christmas! I was so tired by the end of my college’s semester that I didn’t feel the Christmas spirit, even when I worked extra hard in my Holiday decoration this year!

Oh, and I can’t finished this entry without mentioning that we reached 300 subbies!!  Thank you so soo much to whoever have ever hit that bottom. Hope we keep on growing!
Sooo without further due, here you have all the links:

See you before 2014 ends! xx