Sunday, January 11, 2015

10 Room Decor Ideas in 10 Minutes [Under 5$!] ♥ | Cheap, Easy and Pretty!

I am still waiting for that moment in my life to come, when I finally can have a minute to relax, but since I'm afraid that moment won't come (at least in a while), here I am as stressed as a human can possibly be, writing down some words, trying to make a decent update.

As I promised, I changed completely the design of the blog and of course I had to make the same thing with my YT channel and Twitter. So now there's a explosion of flowers, strawberrys, bows and pastel colors in all my sites. which really cheers my life up.

Aaaaaaand of course I had to give a revamp to my room too. I make the most of my Winter Break to make some DIY projects for my new room decoration. We all know the period after Christmas is tough as heck, and for all of us diagnosed with Christmas obssessive disorder, it is not easy to get over it. Sooo here it is my personal way to make things easier:

Here you have some pictures of my favorite spots:

  • 'Stairs' shelf. I love this kind of shelf but since the moment I purchased it I have never really known what to do with it, so I want that to change. I did some fabric flowers and some pom poms and just throw some cute things here and there et voilà!

  • Inspirational dresser. I like to call that spot like that because that is exactly what it is to me, my inspirational spot. Sometimes when I'm getting ready for college I feel like I rather fall down the stairs than attend to class. That's why I needed those quotes in my life.

  • Disney Spot. If you're familiar with my channel or my blog you'll know by now that I love my Disney princesses and that along with the Christmas obsessive disorder I suffer from Animator's collection obsessive disorder too. This wall was completely necessary, because I can't help but do the extreme happy emoji face every time I look at that shelf. 
Oh, and in case somebody is wondering, of course the three wise men left me some more Animator's Collection dolls. I got now two new babes! Welcome to the fam, Pocahontas and Mulan. I got 10 out of 14 now. I need to put my hands on Ariel, Elsa, Tiana and Merida. And once I have them all and my life's mission is accomplised, I'd have to go and look for another reason to live because I can't come up with anything right now. There's nothing after these babes.

And I think that's pretty much everything I came to say today. Room decorations are not over, I'm going to keep adding floral and girly things regarding Valentine's day and Spring (yeah, I know, Winter has just started, but that's me), and don't get me wrong, I've never had give a damn about Valentine's day, but it's the perfect excuse to use pink, floral and girly stuff, so yay. 

There's just one thing left, I got a little project going on, because I'm trying to make my channel, my blog and all my sites as big as possible and I want to improve my quality in all possible ways, forms and shapes. So I decided to start editing this kind of common IG pics, which by the way take much more time than I thought. And yes, I started this blog's entry saying that my schedule was crazy and here I am adding new things to do to my endless list. Anyway, here's the thing I was talking about:

That's all for today, I'm going to have dinner now. See you as soon as I have time and something good to say!

Xoxo, Marina