Wednesday, October 7, 2015

DIY Polaroid Costume: Easy & Affordables Halloween Costumes #MyDIYlloween

Heeeello!! It's me again :)

I uploaded my first costume for Halloween 2015 yesterday, and I needed to share it here too.

As usual it's super easy to make and super affordable. I've never seen something like this and the idea just pop up in my mind and I thought it'd be really cool :)

So here you got the stencil to make the pieces of the polaroid: the flash, the bottom, etc. You also have a mini polaroid stencil with all the details and measurements about that part of the costume too. It's in centimiters, so here you have the equivalent to inches, in case that's useful for you:

50 cm: 19.6
40 cm: 15.7
10 cm: 3.9
3 cm: 1.1

Stay tuned for more costumes to come!! I'll keep you posted :)