Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Forever21 birthday haul!

Hi y'all!!

Last thursday was my birthday and since I'm so in love with Forever21 clothes (and prices) when my mother asked me what I wanted for my birthday, the answer was crystal clear in my head: Forever21!

Here where I live there's no Forever21 store. There was one store of Forever21 once in Barcelona (where my friend Lau and me could spend hours and hours), but I think they closed it down this year. Sooo I'm just left with the option of shopping on the web and I'm not a huge fan of online shopping because there's some items that I would never ever dare to purchase without trying them on.

Today my purchase arrived. I was super excited and I filmed the unboxing, so this along with a couple of ideas will be uploaded soon to my YT channel. I got a cardigan, a fluffly, crop jumper, a pasley pattern skirt, a burgundy bag, a beanie aaaand a dark pink / purple tank top that I'm planning to use for a DIY costume. The quality of every piece of clothing is amazing regarding the price, if you'd ask me. Aaaaanyway, I will talk to you more about my Forever21 haul in my video!! Loads of love and kisses <3