Wednesday, September 9, 2015

DIY Baby Lips Pillow

Heeeello beautiful people of the internet!!

Yayy, the blog design is completely changed now!! Hope you like it, cause I gotta say that I'm completely in love with it.

I've been collecting some makeup lately because I want to start making some makeup reviews, swatches and all that fun stuff here in my blog. I've always loved makeup, but recently I've become more interesting in it and I think it would be cool to enhance my blog by adding some fresh, brand new content rather than only using it for my DIY videos. We'll see how all this goes!

For now, I'm here to share with you my new video. I'm completely in love with Baby Lips lip balms, I think I got all the available ones here in Spain. So I don't know exactly how, but this idea came into my mind and I thought that it would be perfect for a video. Sooo here it is: DIY Baby Lips Pillows!

As always, they're sooo easy to do and super inexpensive, so if you like the idea, don't hesitate and give it a try! Here's the stencil I created using an amazing image I found online and Photoshop. I basically just stretch the drawing so the pillow doesn't look as thin as my finger :P

So that's it for today! See you next time <3